Dutch student visit to Africa Centre opens up an avenue for collaboration

Students from the Faculty of Business and Economics at Groningen University visited the Africa Centre to gain insights into how HIV/Aids affects the business environment in South Africa, including the daily lives of employees, business practices and issues such as stigma. On 15 May, a group of 22 students and Prof Bartjan Pennink from the […]

Leverage our MPhil students’ research projects and collaborate with us

Conducting research on HIV/Aids management is one of the pillars of the Africa Centre’s objective to play an active role in social, political and economic transformation. After all, quality research is what informs, shapes and determines the effectiveness and success of the practical aspects of managing HIV/Aids, such as policy, community interventions and medical treatment […]

Students present research to prepare for the MPhil journey

A significant chunk of the annual “Master your master’s” workshop, which kicks off the academic year for the Africa Centre’s MPhil students, is dedicated to the students presenting their research topics to their peers. These sessions help to ensure that students have a firm grip of their topic – why it’s important, how they will […]

Equipping our master’s students to master quality research

In March, 2024’s MPhil students had the opportunity to attend the Africa Centre’s annual “Master your master’s” workshop, which aims to equip and motivate them for successfully completing their research assignment. The master’s programme builds on the knowledge and skills obtained during the postgraduate diploma or another, similar HIV/Aids-related qualification. The workshop consists of various […]

March 2024 graduation: Another 164 success stories

Graduation time is always so inspiring and rewarding – for students, their families and the staff at the Africa Centre. It signifies the culmination of many hours of studying and researching, often while working and managing family life. Congratulations to all the students who stayed committed and can now reap the rewards – you make us proud!

A focus on pursuing and sharing knowledge

After about three years leading the Africa Centre team as interim director, Dr Munya Saruchera is stepping down to focus more of his time and energy on teaching, research and collaboration. (And, as a happy consequence, his garden.) Let’s find out more about his new role at the centre. You have maintained your role as […]

The power of a well-mobilised, motivated community:
A Malawian case study

The Africa Centre for HIV/Aids Management at SU donated computers, printers and a camera to youth clubs in the Mzimba district. From left to right: Hivert Chikopa and Leonard Chigwenembe from Yoneco, Juliet Nyasulu from SU and George Mlowoka Mbizi, Charity Ligomeka, Katerina Mhango and Anson Mughogho from Yoneco. AN ONGOING global polycrisis is putting […]

Anti-corruption strategies in healthcare in the spotlight

“Corruption in healthcare systems is a highly relevant and critical issue in today’s world since it affects countless lives. In Africa specifically, healthcare corruption acts as the barrier between the continent’s rich resources and its poor people.”

Understanding the ins and outs of academic writing 

No matter how groundbreaking your research topic is, how thorough your methods and how insightful your findings, if you don’t know how to capture it professionally and correctly in a research report, the value will be lost. But it’s easier said than done. Academic writing is a specialised skill that follows specific rules. That’s why we invite representatives from the Stellenbosch University Writing Lab to the summer school each year to help equip students with academic writing skills.

Committed to a supportive student community

Distance learning doesn’t have to be a lonely journey. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that our students feel supported and connected and have easy access to all the information they need to complete their course, starting with informative sessions during the summer school.