Research challenges and opportunities

The research challenges and opportunities category encompasses targeted research strategies such as achieving the UNAIDS 95-95-95 goals and integrating services with primary healthcare. It also explores access challenges in resource-limited settings and the intersection of HIV with non-communicable diseases. It emphasises harnessing technology and data to leverage digital health tools and advancements like telehealth and AI for improved care and response. It also includes advancements in treatment and prevention, including long-acting treatments, vaccine research and combatting medication resistance.

Targeted research strategies

This theme focuses on achieving goals like 95-95-95, integrating HIV services with primary healthcare and advancing treatment and prevention technologies, access considerations in resource-limited settings (potentially linking to decoloniality and indigenous health knowledge), and the growing concern of HIV and non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Harnessing technology and data

The focus here is on utilising digital health tools (telehealth, AI, machine learning) for improved care, data analysis for effective response, as well as technological advancements for broader prevention and treatment reach.

Advancements in treatment and prevention

This area includes issues concerning long-acting treatments, vaccine research and efforts to address medication resistance and treatment failure.