The focus in this category is on treatment accessibility and advances, as well as community involvement. It delves into access to treatment, adherence challenges and innovative service delivery models like U=U awareness and PrEP expansion. It also examines treatment breakthroughs, evolving guidelines and persistent gaps in diagnosis and care, including issues of medication resistance and long-term health outcomes. It highlights community-led responses, digital tools for self-testing and monitoring, and the broader scope of integrated services beyond treatment.

Accessibility and adherence

This theme combines aspects of access to treatment and healthcare disparities, treatment adherence and retention in care, differentiated service delivery models, U=U awareness and expanding access to PrEP.

Treatment advances and challenges

This area covers HIV treatment advances, the evolving landscape of HIV treatment guidelines, continued gaps in diagnosis and treatment, long-acting HIV treatment, medication resistance and treatment failure, as well as long-term health outcomes and aging with HIV.

Community involvement and integrated services

The crucial roles of community-led responses, self-testing and digital tools, community-led monitoring, as well as differentiated service delivery beyond HIV treatment are explored. The theme underlines the importance of involving communities in treatment access, monitoring and an overall response to HIV/Aids.