Global collaboration, local impact

This category highlights three themes that concentrate on the multifaceted challenges of HIV/Aids: “Strengthened global response”, focusing on global partnerships, sustainable funding and integration with broader healthcare systems; “Community empowerment and sustainability”, emphasising community-led mobilisation, combating stigma and ensuring resilient services; and “Integration and intersecting challenges”, exploring the interconnected nature of health issues and the pursuit of broader development goals.

Strengthened global response

This theme incorporates global partnerships, funding challenges, community mobilisation and maintaining progress among other health issues (like Covid-19 and other pandemics). It covers items like the Global Partnership to Eliminate Stigma, global solidarity, global funding, UNAIDS targets, the impact of Covid-19 and integration with broader healthcare systems.

Community empowerment and sustainability

The focus in this area falls on community-led mobilisation and care approaches, addressing stigma and discrimination, sustainable global and local financing, combatting corruption in the HIV/Aids response, as well as the resilience of services in the context of global conflicts.

Integration and intersecting challenges

This area highlights addressing HIV alongside other health issues (TB, pandemics, comorbidities), achieving broader development goals (SDGs) and the challenges of the HIV/climate change nexus.