MPhil study projects

Assessment of multiscripting of antiretroviral treatment among urban ART clients – the case of Lilongwe, Malawi (an analysis of existing electronic medical record data)

Student: Gillian Msampha

Country: Malawi

HIV remains a pressing global health issue, particularly affecting Sub-Saharan Africa, with enduring repercussions. Malawi, in particular, continues to grapple with new infection rates. Nonetheless, there has been a notable decrease in mortality and morbidity since the implementation of antiretroviral treatment (ART). Various care models exist, spanning from one- to six-month medication supplies, alongside specialised approaches like teen clubs and walk-in centres.

This study examined the multiscripting of antiretroviral treatment among urban ART clients in Lilongwe, Malawi. Using pre-existing medical records from Area 18 Health Centre, the research focused on assessing the six-month scripting of ART service delivery. While six-month scripting reduces hospital visits to twice a year, it was found to be the least used care model, although it offered potential savings in time and transport costs.

The results revealed that while six-month scripting was partially implemented at the facility, it was less prevalent compared to other models. No discernible advantages were observed over alternative care models. The challenges included limited access to medical records due to the Covid-19 pandemic and data gaps in electronic records.