MPhil study projects

A KAP (knowledge, attitude and practices) survey among youth and pastors in a faith-based setting

Student: Nyatembe Lolembo
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

HIV/Aids poses a significant challenge in communities where faith-based organisations (FBOs) hold sway, particularly among the youth. The imperative lies with a church leadership’s proactive response to positively influence young members in safeguarding against the epidemic. Collaboration between faith leaders and governmental efforts is crucial for achieving an HIV/Aids-free generation.

Recognising the substantial influence of faith leaders on the youth, it is vital to empower them to address HIV challenges. This includes advocating for prevention methods such as condom use, supporting individuals living with HIV/Aids and avoiding divisive messaging around condom use and key populations. Empowering young people to take control of their futures is essential.

Access to knowledge is paramount for young individuals to counteract negative beliefs propagated by certain church leaders. By fostering an environment of education and empowerment, FBOs can play a pivotal role in HIV prevention and support in their communities.