MPhil study projects

A knowledge, attitude and perception (KAP) survey of Okahao life skills teachers in teaching about sexuality in the Omusati region of Namibia

Student: Amalia Nuugwanga Iiyambo

Country: Namibia

The study investigated the knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of life skills teachers in Okahao circuit, Omusati region, regarding sexuality education. The research adopted a qualitative research paradigm and employed a case study design to explore the diverse viewpoints on this topic.

Purposive sampling was used to select life skills subject teachers for their relevant expertise from Okahao circuit. Structured questionnaires were used for data collection. Research ethics were upheld, ensuring participant confidentiality and obtaining informed consent. Analysis of narrative statements and words was conducted through qualitative data analysis, aligning findings with literature reviews and research objectives.

The study affirmed the role of sex education in providing teenagers with essential information on identity, relationships and sexual health. Most respondents supported its inclusion in schools, despite facing cultural, educational and financial challenges. Concerns were raised regarding resource shortages, insufficient training and cultural barriers.