MPhil study projects

Assessing the level of awareness and utilisation of HIV/Aids programmes by head office employees of a financial institution in Pretoria, South Africa

Student: Chumani Maki

Country: South Africa

This study aimed to evaluate the awareness and utilisation of HIV/Aids programmes at Assupol Group’s head office in Pretoria. Employing a mixed-methods approach, it used a structured survey questionnaire alongside an in-depth questionnaire with open-ended questions.

The study revealed a notably low level of HIV/Aids awareness and utilisation among employees. The majority was unaware of the company’s HIV/Aids policy. Respondents also lacked awareness of available HIV/Aids-related programmes, resulting in non-utilisation.

Communication regarding HIV/Aids matters was found to be deficient, with employees receiving inadequate information about available resources and their distribution.

The findings underscored the need for Assupol to reassess policy implementation, particularly concerning communication strategies. The recommendations included enhancing communication channels and reviewing the policy implementation process.