MPhil study projects

Assessing the level of HIV knowledge among young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 years who receive medical services at Medical Centre Oshakati in Oshakati, Namibia

Student: Enos Moyo
Country: Zimbabwe

The study aimed to evaluate HIV knowledge levels among young adults aged 18 to 24 receiving medical services at the Medical Centre Oshakati (MCO) in Namibia. Objectives included assessing their HIV knowledge levels, identifying information sources and exploring avenues for improving understanding. Utilising a quantitative research design, data was collected via a closed-ended questionnaire employing a five-point Likert scale. A sample of 84 respondents was selected through simple random sampling from MCO’s young adult patients.

Findings revealed that 58% of respondents demonstrated good HIV knowledge. Gaps were however observed regarding HIV test timing post infection, mosquito transmission and mother-to-child transmission risks among HIV-positive pregnant women. Common information sources included schoolteachers, radio, television and the internet.

The study recommended further research with larger, more diverse samples. Suggestions for MCO included collaborating with governmental bodies, educational institutions, teachers and parents to disseminate HIV information. Healthcare providers were encouraged to engage young adults on HIV topics. Recommendations extended to displaying HIV-related educational videos in waiting areas and organising workshops facilitated by peer educators and HIV positive individuals.