MPhil study projects

Awareness and utilisation of an HIV/Aids employee wellness programme in the workplace

Student: Ngaka Doctor Xaba

Country: South Africa

This research aimed to evaluate awareness and utilisation of the HIV/Aids workplace wellness programme at Leratong Hospital in Gauteng, South Africa. Sixty respondents, including nurses, human resources personnel and support staff, were randomly selected to assess the underutilisation of the programme provided by the Gauteng Department of Health. Questionnaires were used to gauge awareness and participation levels.

The study revealed a notable lack of awareness among employees, resulting in limited utilisation of the programme. Respondents expressed difficulties in participating due to insufficient time allocated for involvement. Despite awareness of HIV/Aids information sessions, attendance was minimal, which was attributed to inconvenient scheduling and location arrangements. Most participants had also not attended any related training or workshops in the previous year.

Overall, participants expressed a desire to engage in programme activities, but time constraints emerged as a significant barrier. Poor dissemination of information regarding the HIV/Aids workplace programme exacerbated the issue. These findings underscored the need for improved communication strategies and better time management to enhance employee participation in the wellness programme.