MPhil study projects

Challenges encountered by healthcare providers in implementing an HIV “Test and treat for all” approach

Student: Maithabeleng Litlallo Tsolo

Country: Lesotho

Lesotho stands among the pioneering nations in Africa to adopt a universal test and treat approach, formulating its own guidelines according to World Health Organization (WHO) principles. These guidelines discard all restrictions on eligibility for antiretroviral therapy (ART), advocating immediate initiation of ART upon HIV diagnosis.

This study aimed to identify the challenges encountered by healthcare providers in delivering care to clients enrolled in test and treat programmes at Scott Hospital at Morija in Lesotho. Employing a qualitative explorative, descriptive and contextual design, the researcher conducted interviews with 13 participants. Three main themes emerged: health-related challenges, barriers to treatment and resource constraints. Participants also offered solutions to address these challenges.

Health-related challenges included psychological challenges, treatment outcomes and physical adverse effects. Barriers to treatment comprised patient follow-up and patient fears. The resource theme focused on human and other resources within the health facility.