MPhil study projects

Determining the tolerability of low-dose Efavirenz regimen in adult patients above the age of 18 years in Walvis Bay district private sector

Student: Khethukuthula Sibanda

Country: Zimbabwe

This study aimed to assess the tolerability of a low-dose Efavirenz regimen among adult patients aged 18 and above in the private healthcare sector of Walvis Bay. Objectives included evaluating treatment adherence, identifying side effects incidence and assessing the regimen’s impact on participants’ health-related quality of life.

Utilising a quantitative research design, data was gathered through a structured questionnaire administered to 88 participants over three months. Adherence levels varied across different measurement parameters: adherence rates surpassed 80% when measured by missed doses or treatment interruption, but only around 25% when assessed through viral load suppression.

Over 50% of participants reported side effects, with Efavirenz implicated in over 90% of cases. Notwithstanding the regimen’s considerable toxicity, participants reported a relatively high quality of life. The study concluded that the adverse effects associated with Efavirenz were notably significant, warranting consideration for alternative treatments with fewer side effects.