Dr Luckmore Chivandire, consolidoc* fellow

With a passion for addressing the prevalent and disruptive corruption in the healthcare sector, Luckmore’s PhD research focused on analysing the effectiveness of anti-corruption strategies in the healthcare sectors of Zimbabwe and South Africa. While both countries have robust legal frameworks, challenges such as a lack of accountability and under-resourced anti-corruption bodies hinder strategies against corruption. As part of his consolidoc fellowship, Luckmore will delve deeper into different facets of this critical issue, including the various factors that influence the success of anti-corruption strategies in healthcare and the intersection of poverty, vulnerability and bribery. When he is not immersing himself in his research, Luckmore loves to go walking or hitting the gym to unwind and recharge.

*A consolidoc fellowship provides PhD graduates with the opportunity to publish research articles based on their dissertation to wider audiences and to attend conferences in their field.

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