MPhil study projects

The effectiveness of adult primary care (APC) mentoring model on portfolio of evidence (PoE) completion by non-certified NIMART trained professional nurses

Student: Winnie Clara Mkandawire

Country: Malawi

Completion of a portfolio of evidence (PoE) is mandatory for professional nurses seeking certification in the nurse initiated management of antiretroviral treatment (NIMART) for people with HIV. Despite NIMART training since 2010, many nurses failed to complete their PoE. This study investigated the potential efficacy of the adult primary care (APC) mentoring model in addressing the PoE completion challenge.

The methodology involved a mixed-methods approach, assessing the impact of the APC mentoring model on PoE completion rates and enhancing knowledge, skills and confidence among non-certified NIMART-trained nurses. Data from 39 participants exposed to the APC mentoring model was collected through a self-administered online questionnaire, using purposive sampling.

The results indicated a significant improvement, with 92% of participants completing and submitting their PoE. Additionally, nurses acquired clinical skills and knowledge in utilising the APC clinical guide tool, ensuring standardised care. The recommendations included regional training centres (RTCs) promoting offsite mentoring, supporting certification processes and establishing monitoring systems. Policymakers were urged to devise a user-friendly paediatric clinical logbook akin to adult case assessment, streamlining case writing and fostering PoE completion.