MPhil study projects

Evaluating tuberculosis prevention therapy knowledge levels and attitudes among miners/ex-miners in the Leribe district of Lesotho

Student: Lineo Grace Nyenye

Country: Lesotho

Tuberculosis prevention therapy (TPT) involves the administration of antituberculosis medication to prevent the onset of TB. It is a biomedical intervention endorsed by the WHO for at-risk populations like miners. In 2016, the Ministry of Health in Lesotho introduced TPT among miners, yet its uptake and comprehension remained unclear. This study aimed to assess TPT knowledge and attitudes among current and former mine workers in Leribe, Lesotho.

Using a non-experimental quantitative cross-sectional approach, data was collected via a self-administered structured survey questionnaire from 54 participants selected purposively.

The findings revealed that more than half of respondents had not received TPT health education. Despite this, overall knowledge levels were high, though aspects like TPT safety in silicosis cases and medication side effects were poorly understood. A comparison between people who received TPT education and those who did not showed a marginally significant difference.

While miners demonstrated acceptable general TPT knowledge, they lacked understanding of certain areas. Enhanced education and awareness initiatives are imperative to address the gaps. A qualitative follow-up study is warranted to explore why TPT health education has not significantly impacted knowledge levels.