MPhil study projects

Exploring the effectiveness of HIV/Aids workplace programme responses in the textile factory industry in Maseru, Lesotho

Student: Semangele Domela

Country: Lesotho

Lesotho, with a population of approximately 2,2 million, grapples with a high HIV prevalence, ranking second globally. The textile industry, a vital source of employment, faces significant HIV/Aids challenges. This study investigated the effectiveness of HIV/Aids workplace programmes at Maseru E-Textile Factory. Using qualitative methods, including in-depth interviews with 12 workers and three managers, the study evaluated programme comprehensiveness, successes, challenges and improvement potential.

The findings indicated that while current programmes were deemed helpful and necessary, they fell short of meeting existing needs. The recommendations included increasing mobile clinic visits and time allotted for clinical consultations, establishing a collaborative platform for programme discussions, enhancing HIV/Aids education and providing free or subsidised mobile clinic services.

The study highlighted that collaboration between textile industry stakeholders and government entities is vital to ensure equitable access to HIV/Aids services for all workers.