MPhil study projects

Exploring the experiences and attitudes of matric students in public high schools with regards to HIV and Aids-related education in Mpumalanga, South Africa

Student: James Mmekwa

Country:South Africa

The study conducted in the Mmametlhake Department of Education circuit focused on two schools, with a matriculation population of 143. The research used a cross-sectional approach, with participants completing questionnaires assessing their agreement with provided statements.

The findings revealed that the majority of matrics, aged 15 to 22, demonstrated adequate knowledge regarding HIV/Aids prevention and control. Notably, 97% of respondents reported possessing sufficient HIV/Aids information to safeguard them against infection. Moreover, 72% expressed a preference for postponing sexual debut until after completing their studies.

The integration of HIV/Aids education into the school curriculum was positively received, empowering students to make informed health and behavioural choices. This educational initiative contributed to a reduction in risky behaviours such as engaging in multiple sexual partnerships, with most participants acknowledging the importance of avoiding such practices. A majority of respondents also affirmed feeling adequately prepared to make decisions regarding sexual health, highlighting the effectiveness of school-based HIV/Aids education in equipping learners with essential knowledge and skills for HIV prevention.