MPhil study projects

Features of mental disorders among HIV infected patients admitted at Mohlomi Psychiatric Hospital in Lesotho from January 2019 to January 2020

Student: Papi Kaumbu Ilunga

Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

This study explored the association between HIV infection and psychiatric disorders among patients admitted to Mohlomi Psychiatric Hospital in Lesotho. The methodology involved a retrospective record review of 30 HIV-positive patients with psychiatric features. The results showed a high participation rate among young adults, with a majority of female participants.

The findings indicated that depression was the most prevalent psychiatric feature among HIV-positive people, with other common disorders including substance misuse, anxiety, psychosis, adjustment disorder and bipolar disorder.

The research highlighted the importance of screening for mental disturbances in HIV patients and the impact of HIV on the central nervous system, leading to neurocognitive disorders. Sociodemographic characteristics, such as gender, education level and marital status that can influence the occurrence of psychiatric disorders in HIV patients were also identified.