MPhil study projects

How sport fraternities based in South Africa have responded to the HIV/Aids crisis: A narrative review

Student: Raymond Sizwe Mandulo
Country: South Africa

Various South African non-profit organisations and sport fraternities have used sport-based interventions to enhance HIV/Aids prevention and awareness, particularly among professional athletes. A narrative review found that sport fraternities have implemented diverse HIV prevention programmes, including drafting HIV policies, conducting education campaigns, distributing HIV/Aids toolkits, facilitating peer education and promoting condom use among athletes and non-athletes.

The study underscored the significant role of sport-based initiatives in raising HIV/Aids awareness, increasing knowledge and reducing stigma. However, it highlighted a lack of coordination among stakeholders, hindering the effectiveness of interventions. Despite existing interventions, a dearth of systematic evaluation persists, limiting the understanding of their impact.

Key recommendations include establishing agreements between sport fraternities and NGOs, fostering better collaboration between sport entities, governmental structures and HIV programmes, aiming to serve athletes and communities more effectively. This consolidation would enhance the efficacy and impact of HIV/Aids interventions in the sport community and beyond.