MPhil study projects

Investigating HIV/Aids-related knowledge, attitude, practices and behaviours of employees in a state-owned company operating nationally in South Africa

Student: Thamsanqa Zwane

Country: South Africa

Global research showed that the HIV/Aids epidemic has led to escalating costs and reduced productivity for businesses. Addressing the effects of HIV/Aids on employee morale, retention and performance is paramount for businesses. This study aimed to evaluate employees’ knowledge of, attitudes to and behaviours regarding HIV/Aids in a national state-owned company in South Africa.

The methodology involved a cross-sectional quantitative approach utilising a questionnaire to gauge HIV/Aids-related knowledge, attitudes and practices. The results indicated a commendable level of HIV/Aids-related knowledge among employees, with most demonstrating positive attitudes. Adherence to safe practices was also evident. Certain employees exhibited gaps in awareness, particularly regarding stigma, discrimination and the importance of condom use.

Recommendations included diverse HIV/Aids awareness campaigns incorporating incentives to boost participation. Urgent development of an HIV/Aids policy is advised to provide a framework for company initiatives, given the then absence thereof. This strategic approach aimed to enhance awareness, mitigate stigma and promote a supportive environment in the workplace.