MPhil study projects

Investigating the challenges faced by migrants in accessing public healthcare in Yeoville Bellevue community

Student: Zibusiso Msimanga

Country: Zimbabwe

The number of immigrants in Yeoville Bellevue has surged due to the area’s proximity to Johannesburg, perceived as offering abundant employment opportunities. Earning the reputation of a migrant community, it grapples to accommodate internal and international migrants, straining healthcare resources and fostering tension among residents.

The research found migrants heavily reliant on public healthcare, primarily due to financial considerations and perceived quality of care. While most respondents reported positive experiences, subtle barriers like service delays and cultural differences were noted.

Despite South African policy protecting migrants’ healthcare rights, practical discrepancies, such as identity document requirements conflicting with constitutional provisions, were observed. Cultural and linguistic disparities also persisted, highlighting the need for continued efforts to create a genuinely migrant-friendly healthcare environment.

Recommendations included reintroducing interpreters and facilitating ongoing staff training to address these challenges.