MPhil study projects

Perceptions and experiences of clinical researchers related to the reimbursement of participants in trials

Student: Amos Tiro Dinake

Country: South Africa

Participants in clinical research conducted in South Africa are entitled to various forms of reimbursement as compensation for their time, effort and any inconvenience endured. Ethical concerns regarding the benefits provided to these participants have sparked controversy in the field. However, there is a gap in understanding the perspectives of researchers responsible for recruiting and reimbursing participants.

This study aimed to explore the perceptions and experiences of clinical researchers at the Aurum Rustenburg Clinical Research Site in South Africa regarding participant reimbursement. Data was collected from 36 participants, using a quantitative survey approach with a researcher-designed 13-item questionnaire.

The findings revealed a divided stance among participants regarding the adequacy of South Africa’s reimbursement policies. It highlighted the necessity of considering participants’ socioeconomic backgrounds when determining fair reimbursement. The majority disagreed with the notion that vulnerable groups should receive higher payment for participation. Participants also expressed dissatisfaction with flat-rate reimbursements, viewing them as indicative of sponsors or investigators avoiding the complexities of individualised calculations.