MPhil study projects

The implementation of an HIV/Aids policy in the Ministry of Local Government, Quthing district council and headquarters, Lesotho

Student: Makatleho Constance Koneshe

Country: Lesotho

This study assessed the implementation of an HIV/Aids workplace policy in the Ministry of Local Government in Quthing and departmental headquarters in Maseru. Lesotho was the country with the highest HIV prevalence among economically active age groups (15-49 years). Research on HIV/Aids workplace policy implementation in Lesotho is scarce and existing evidence suggested suboptimal implementation. While policy adoption and review are important, enforcement and monitoring are equally vital for effective HIV/Aids workplace policy implementation.

Using a mixed-method survey design, 50 workers participated in an online questionnaire featuring both closed-ended and open-ended questions. The findings revealed limited awareness of HIV/Aids-related services, with most participants unaware of the existence of an HIV/Aids workplace policy. Stigma and discrimination emerged as barriers to policy implementation, with respondents expressing dissatisfaction with management’s handling of HIV/Aids matters.

Recommendations included policy review with involvement of staff and stakeholders, including government bodies, employers, employees, civil society and NGOs. The study highlighted the importance of enforcement mechanisms, such as clear sanctions for policy violations. A robust monitoring and evaluation system was deemed essential for policy implementation.