MPhil study projects

The management of the HIV/Aids epidemic: A qualitative small-scale case study of the perceptions and responses of rural high school principals in KwaZulu-Natal regarding current HIV/Aids management at their schools and the implications for the attainment of quality matriculant learner achievement

Student: Idowu Oluwayomi Akinwale Alawiye

Country: South Africa

This research project examined the prevailing HIV/Aids management among rural high school principals in KwaZulu-Natal and its implications for achieving quality matriculant learner outcomes. Employing a qualitative research paradigm, structured interviews were conducted with five purposively selected principals from rural high schools in the northern part of the province.

The study revealed that the principals perceived a strong correlation between effective HIV/Aids management and quality learner achievement. There was scope for enhancing the consistent implementation of HIV/Aids policies in schools. Key stakeholders such as parents, educational managers, healthcare workers and traditional leaders were highlighted as crucial in dispelling stigma, providing support and facilitating access to treatment for people living with HIV.

The participants advocated for a comprehensive approach to managing HIV/Aids, emphasising collaboration among principals to address challenges. Key areas for collaboration included mitigating the impact of traditional practices, addressing HIV/Aids alongside other diseases and addressing the roles of sex education, stigma and confidentiality in HIV prevention.