<strong>Community mobilisation is vital, and our students help</strong>

Summer school

Community mobilisation is vital, and our students help

Community mobilisation

Community mobilisation plays a vital role in harnessing individual and community strength to promote good health and prepare communities for current and future pandemics – and the effective dissemination of information lies at the core of mobilising communities.

In this regard, the Health Promotion South Africa Trust (HPSA) – which is affiliated with both UNESCO and the United Nations – provides basic health education to the population of several townships in the Western Cape. Despite challenges like a lack of infrastructure, teaching materials and funding, and facing cultural resistance, the course enrolment figures are high. This means more and more people are becoming agents of change in their communities.

This morning the HPSA is sharing more on the practicalities of community mobilisation in an HIV/Aids context with our #SummerSchool2023 students. Their programme development officer is Chipo Zininga (pictured), who completed our PgDip and is a current MPhil student. That’s the kind of role we want to see our students play, and we support changemakers like Chipo all the way.
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