MPhil study projects

Investigating employee wellness programmes at a mining company, Tsumeb, Namibia

Student: Eusteria M Kaonde
Country: Namibia

Many employers make substantial investments in their employees’ wellbeing to maximise returns. This study examined perceptions regarding HIV/Aids management in an employee wellness programme (EWP) at a mining company in Tsumeb in the Oshikoto region of Namibia.

Employing a cross-sectional survey method, 25 questionnaires were distributed to employees and seven to managers, yielding a total of 32 participants. Additionally, a knowledge, attitudes and perceptions (KAP) survey was conducted among employees.

Employee as well as management responses reflected generally optimistic views of EWP, despite some participants indicating limited exposure to its various aspects. Most managers did not perceive EWPs as morale boosters or stress reducers, overlooking their potential impact.

Findings indicated employees’ satisfaction with EWPs, acknowledging their effectiveness to boost morale and reduce stress. The KAP survey revealed high levels of HIV/Aids-related knowledge among employees, with predominantly positive attitudes and perceptions.

Recommendations included raising managers’ awareness that EWPs benefit all staff members, not just employees. Employees’ limited involvement in policy formulation suggests the need for inclusive consultations during policy drafting and review.