MPhil study projects

Policy vs practice: the application of HIV/Aids education in the school curriculum, from the perspective of Grade 12 learners in Namibian public and private schools

Student: Shireen Elna Strauss
Country: Namibia

Namibian youth, particularly in urban areas like the Khomas region, face significant challenges due to the HIV epidemic. Grade 12 represents a crucial stage for HIV/Aids education since it is the final year for compulsory life skills teaching.

This study explored the impact of HIV/Aids education on Grade 12 learners’ behaviour, focusing on sexual debut and self-protection against HIV infection, comparing public and private schools in the Khomas region. The study investigated whether HIV/Aids education influences learners’ attitudes and decisions regarding sexual health and self-protection.

Findings indicated a basic level of knowledge among learners, with gaps remaining in the curriculum. Recommendations included tailored, peer-led approaches to teaching, highlighting teacher training to address cultural inhibitions and perceptions of moral values, aiming for a more effective learning experience for teachers as well as learners.