Adapting to incorporate pressing issues

This past week’s #PostgraduateSummerSchool has been all about meeting the next generation of HIV and Aids advocates who are committed to using their time and resources in their respective industries to fight this pandemic and #endAIDS once and for all.

Going forward, one of the most obvious challenges is that Covid-19 has, to a large extent, derailed most of the programmes and policies to end Aids by 2030. But what other issue do we expect to play a significant role in the management of HIV and Aids in the coming years? It is, in fact, an existential threat: #climatechange.

We are already looking at how we can incorporate this into our postgraduate programme to equip our students with relevant skills. Rising food insecurity, the increased prevalence of infectious diseases, public health infrastructure being destroyed by things like floods – these will all impact how we manage HIV and Aids.

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