<strong>Getting to grips with academic writing</strong>

Summer school

Getting to grips with academic writing

The ability to communicate effectively in writing is a vital skill in most aspects of our working and personal lives. In an academic environment, there are very specific writing conventions and readers have certain expectations.

Selene Delport, Postgraduate Workshop Coordinator at the #StellenboschUniversity Writing Lab, helps our #PostgradSummerSchool get to grips with these conventions. Yesterday, students were introduced to the basics of academic writing, including the writing process, the audience and purpose, and how to get and keep momentum when writing,

Today, Selene is equipping students with valuable practical skills on the structural aspects of academic writing, as well as ethical writing practice. While the widespread adoption of #ChatGPT and other writing bots has raised concerns, Selene believes developing a unique voice is more important: “If student writers are supported in developing their academic voices in an authentic way, issues surrounding plagiarism disappear.”

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